Planning permission

The planning process was relatively straightforward.  The property was purchased with full planning permission and we were supplied with the drawings by the estate agent.  We liked the look of the proposed project but wanted to make some changes.

The first stumbling block was when we applied for revised planning permission we received a letter from the council saying that the original planning permission was void because the person applying for it had never actually owned the property. We had to reapply for planning permission but fortunately in reality all this means is paying again in full rather than the lower fee due for revised planning permission.

The changes that we wanted to make were all fairly minor.  We wanted aluminium windows instead of wood, the proposed utility room seemed unnecessarily large and by halving the size we could add an en suite the third study/bedroom on the ground floor. We wanted a balcony on the first floor to make the most of the view across open fields towards the sea.

The architect listened to our needs then went one step further.  He gave us a balcony but put it over a wide porch over the front door and to fit this in the whole building had to move back a metre on the plot.  This resulted in objections from the neighbours on submitting the revised planning permission. Until we read the objections on the council website we hadn’t appreciated how much the building had moved on the plans, a quick word with the architect, leave the balcony but remove the porch and the building  can move back to it’s original position.  Planning permission was granted without a murmur on 28th February 2013.

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